Manny Machado And Bryce Harper Still Not Signed Is Great For Baseball

Hear me out, this isn’t an attempt at clickbait. I truly believe that these two superstars, arguably generational talents, not having homes so far into the offseason is a blessing in disguise. As frustrating as it is on the surface, and believe me as a Yankees fan dying to go back to the old ways and just buy a team better than everyone else, the fact that check books have been relatively silent is gold.

There has been an underlying sense throughout this offseason that the owners of MLB have banded together. Their purpose? Take back the sport of baseball and no longer allow players to rob franchises blind. In a sport where the salary cap is more fugazy than a tinder profile with all group pictures, contract negotiations have become a feeding frenzy for players to cash in for an astronomical amount. Though no one has come straight out and said it the plain truth is evident; the owners are telling the players that the ATM is closed.

Sure, Harper and Machado will both sign for huge deals. But what they eventually do sign for is going to pale in comparison to what they could have gotten just 5 years prior. I don’t buy it, not for one second, that the only reason they haven’t signed so far is because of bidding wars. Call it Yankees bias but if it was a matter of picking a team based off all the offers being in the ridiculous value range then Machado would have been a Yankee months ago, probably Harper as well.

I’m sure this unity by the owners will ruffle some feathers to start, I mean look at the Yankees fan base. Rabid fans are calling for heads because the team hasn’t given blank checks to the two epic free agents. I believe that once a couple offseasons of this new unspoken policy have passed, with more and more teams getting extra value for their dollar, the fans will calm down and see the benefit in the product.

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